Friday, September 26, 2008

100 years

100 years. A century. The state of Oklahoma turned 100 last year. 2009 will mark 100 years of Panhellenic magic at OU. A collegian emailed me and asked me to be on a committee to work on an event to celebrate our 100 years of Pantastic spirit at OU. Of course I said yes! View coverage of our first meeting in The Oklahoman Parties Extra.

How could I not work to celebrate something that has brought, continues to bring, and will bring so much to the lives of other young women. I never knew what Delta Gamma meant when I took the oath of sisterhood on October 27, 1995. Each time I think I know what it means, my sisterhood and oath take me to a new level of pride, loyalty and truth.

Truthful excellence screamed when my chapter of initiation was named runner-up Outstanding Chapter in Delta Gamma in June 2008 at Convention (see earlier post). See the cover of our magazine, ANCHORA...spotlighting Alpha Iota...and page two me and our new Fraternity President, Beth Searcy. Click here to see the magazine!

A post on 100 years of sisterhood wouldn't be complete without an e-mail from a dear DG sister to me... Yesterday, in my second panel of the day on mentoring – the last question someone in the crowd asked me was “I heard of this concept of a personal board of directors and I was wondering if you buy into that, and if so, who comprises your personal board of director?”.

After a couple of of other panelists answered, I told her that I did have a personal board of directors, but had never really thought about in that way. I told her that it was comprised of mostly people from my professional life – current and former colleagues, bosses, etc, but because it’s important to have broad perspective, there are also a couple of people from my non-professional life on my board of directors.

Follow-up question from the crowd was, “Describe a person on your board of directors we might find surprising and why you chose that person”. My response – “32 year old woman (10 years younger than me) who I’ve known just over a year, works at a university four hours away, has a completely different life from my own. I include her because in a very short period of time, I learned how incredibly insightful she is in a way that I am not and I learned to appreciate and trust her incredible judgment on a range of topics that was surprising to me. I trust her counsel as much or more than everyone else on my board”.

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