Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spoiled. Not rotten. Just spoiled

October has brought about a month of spoiled smiles for me. Putting aside all the true blessings in life - your health, faith, family, and friends - one really doesn't need much else. I know each day God will give me what I need for that day - and anything else will come from those around me who join in on the spoiling. Flo has always been a teacher of wants over needs. When I would say, "I need these acid wash jeans," she would remind me "you don't need them - you want them." Then we'd leave Sanger-Harris or Mervyn's empty handed.

Even at 32, as I make choices for my home...I have to remind myself what is needed over what is wanted. Thankfully some of my wants come from the givers in my life. Can a girl ask for more to arrive home to a box from her Aunt full with gift-perfect-kate items? Aunt Margie had sent a box of treats for my birthday and each one of them more perfect than the next for little ole' me! I had that same "K" spreader in my hand while browsing in Tulips (one of Norman's finest shops) and put it back sadly. Yep, you guessed it - I knew it was a want not a need. In my made for TV movie life, there it was - just for me sent with love from my beloved, beautiful Aunt Margie.

October 4th found me celebrating the marriage of Delta Gamma, Courtney Laine Coates to Brad Thomas in Oklahoma City. Courtney was a collegian of mine while I served as chapter adviser for Alpha Iota chapter of Delta Gamma (2002-2005). Courtney always touched my heart with her e-mails after a trying chapter, a note in my box complimenting my newest suit or the smile across the room when she knew I wasn't enjoying "this" either. Courtney spoiled me as an adviser. She made the hard days easier, and the easy days fun. It was somewhat spoiling in nature to attend the wedding and catch up with these now alumnae living full lives of demands, dreams, and determination. Each of them more beautiful on the inside than the next. Most of all they enjoy one another now more than they did then...and I am just thankful to have witnessed their collegiate sisterhood turned into a forever circle of strength.

As we kicked off the 2008 OU/texas weekend (October 9-12), OU hosted 850 "possible new friends" including prospective students. Delta Gamma (formerly known as the Texas recruiter) Sam Suchala organized the event while Delta Gamma collegian, Amanda Holloway, spoke at the event while I simply ate at the event. I did smile the entire time thinking of how we work to spoil prospects and their families and it took NO spoiling to get me here. Side note these HS seniors we spoiled were three when I was typing applications (no online yet). waugh. waugh.

Fourteen years ago this upcoming November, Flo and I crossed the Red River to look at OU. I remember this feeling of "yes" as I looked at campus. Students were eating bagels (it was '94 we didn't know about carbs), roller blading (it was '94 we didn't know about injuries on roller blades), wearing collegiate sweatshirts (it was '94 we were using the old OU)...it was magical to this 18 year old. I never took an official tour, although my cousin Christy did take me to The Mont (my kind of tour), Mom bought me my first OU t-shirt at Homeland on Lindsay and I knew (just knew) I'd be coming to Norman for my mail soon enough. OU has spoiled me with so many great times. I wish for these prospects they meet the dearest of friends, find their passion, give of themselves and SPOIL themselves with opportunity.
My next phase of self-spoiling came when I went to visit Duncan Gantt and his parents. As this was his first OU/texas weekend he was very excited to see Aunt Kate and Uncle Andy. Andy and Duncan became fast friends as they both share some similarities...hmmmm? To view the weekend's events and more pictures of Duncan's first OU/texas click here! We also decided OU/texas is VERY different with children than before these little miracles arrived.

Speaking of miracles spoiled with love...I couldn't leave out the Suchala Family. The weekend wrapped up with their smiles and special hugs from my Godson, Joseph, and his little brother, Brannon (aka: beeeeeee!). What beautiful miracles God planted to remind me: spoiling others is much more fun than ever spoiling yourself.

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Kate! No worries for missing the shower. Life is crazy these days. You look fab too!!!! And happy late birthday, friend!