Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fine Things About Me....

Walking around The Weymouth brings so many smiles to my mug. I love my home. I am proud of it and I so enjoy being home.
I rarely am home for a long period of when I am ....
I relish in that mighty shelter of mine.
From laying on my couch to curled up under my covers to hosting folks at my home...I just love being at home at The Weymouth. My family has an obsession with the movie, The Quiet Man. I would bet most of you all have failed to see this classic Irish film - please note it will not be at Redbox anytime soon. I promise you. Anywho in the movie there is this one line that I think of when I walk around my dwelling.... "And I shall have my fine things about me." While not too many things are utterly expensive in my home (compared to a home of art work and electronics), but what I have is mine. So many things I've picked up traveling here and there, finding a deal, shopping with someone I love, or is a gift from a beloved soul in my life (thats the real kicker - I've been given SO many beautiful things). While just things and never as important as a person...I do think they are mighty fine. Mother gave me my turkey attachment
I love this silly little plate and the changing of attachments. On the back of each attachment, you'll find the date I received it and what lovely soul gave it to me....something I learned from my Mother...we do it with Christmas ornaments and decoration boxes as well.
Just a stroll down memory lane, I tell you.
Thanks to TJ Maxx, I added silky smooth embroidered "S"
300-thread count pillowcases to the linen closet. Actually they never made it to the went like this: Buy them, take them home, wash them, dry them, and make the bed with them. I slept better than I ever have before. ps...they didn't have K ones.
Years ago Neighbor's parents gave me the centerpiece (blue and white porcelain vase) with an arrangement of silk flowers popping out of the top. I love that vase...I've had it before I had a dining room to go with it. I've committed to having fresh flowers in it. So, I took out those fake, dusty ones and replaced them with life. No more fake flowers...we must be alive at The Weymouth ready for something new. Now, I need to commit to keeping the table clean.
Lastly a little fall pumpkins, both straw and grapevine, with my newest fake pet. Found at this new store, 405 imports, in historic Campus Corner, this metal reindeer just lept into my arms. He's a bit funkier than my normal decor, but something about him just screamed "take me to The Weymouth!" So I did.

Not sure how "fine" he is just yet, but he is "about me" at my palace, The Weymouth.
What are your fine things?
What things make you smile in your home?


okierivermama said...

mostly my goofy kids, but if I have to pick a thing, I have this picture my mom got it on one of those like 90% off clearances at hobby lobby for me. It is of the Winter Palace in Leningrad which is back to being called something else but I cannot for the life of me think of it right now. was my Favorite building when I went over there and the first time I saw it at HL I was drawn to it but could in noooo way even dream of affording it cause it is huge and was originally like 250$.
It matches my color scheme and it still makes me smile every time I see it.

Laurie said...

Kate-Thank you for the darling cute "bless You" tissues you sent me! Appropriate and very timely! I love them!