Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 1: 16 Randoms

Hello Blog World! I think rather than explaining my whereabouts or promising to be better...hello 2 mths? I'll just hop right into posting land. I'll catch you all up later on KateLife. Don't get too excited, no need to lend me something blue.

I'm following this 30 Day Blog thing (seems much easier than PX90), and today's challenge included sharing 16 Randoms. Why 16, I haven't a clue. But here goes my abandoned readers...

1) I love my name. I don't mean like to say it. I LOVE it. Always have. Always will. My first, middle, last are all good components. Looks good monogrammed, embroidered, in print or cursive and many other fonts for that matter. I even like my initials.

2) Escalators scare me. I ride them, but the whole time just want it to reach the end of the mini horror ride. It would help if I could hold onto the rails....but think of how dirty?!? I would much prefer use stairs or a lovely elevator fit for eight.

3) All my bodily injuries have occurred on my right side: right pinkie (kickball 5th grade), right arm (horse 6th grade), right hip (track 8th grade), right breast (partial mastectomy 26 years young), and right toes (darn ottoman 30 years). Not kidding.

4) I write a thank you note ALMOST every workday.

5) At the end of the day, when I walk in my house I say, "Hello House!" I know I'm healthy cause it doesn't talk back to me.

6) I've never been to Florida. Traveled to England, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico and more....but never Florida. With family in Chicago and New York when summer vacations came around we headed north and rightfully so. Florida is still there - grandparents aren't.

7) I have naturally curly hair that I have fought for most of my life - if not all of it. Now at the age of 34 years and 4 months, I'm almost in love with my curly hair. Everyday I'm getting 20 minutes back in my life. Beautiful. And, to that boy my sophomore year in college who was mean to my hair - I have forgiven you.

8) I'm pretty sure I've gone on more first dates than anyone.

9) I have 25 first cousins. True blood first cousins. Blessed.

10) I lived in the same house, attended the same school district all my K-12 schooling. Could not have been more blessed or proud of my Mother for working so hard to maintain such for me and my sister. I have no doubt part of my ability to build foundation with others comes from the foundation I always knew and know on Spring Forest.

11) Every moment of my life can be found in a scrapbook - acid full ones (the chemical not the drug), acid free ones, and ones yet to be made. And, because of this my friends have asked for my scrapbooks in my estate planning and I can remember what everyone wore throughout my life.

12) I'm a walking calendar. I can tell you dates, times, and memories all the time. Read #11 again - I can also tell you what you had on within that memory.

13) I love to dance. I could go to a dance party weekly and never tire of the experience. You can always find me on the dance floor at a wedding. I'm known to dance alone at home as I clean, empty the dishwasher, and prepare for parties. I have the best music line up for my wedding. Just need a dancing groom. Well, a groom at that. One note of Earth, Wind & Fire's September and I'm looking for space. I'm even a car dancer....my niece thinks it's "FUN" to car dance.

14) I can theme anything. I love to theme out a project: showers, parties, celebrations, meetings, trips, you name it...I like to theme it. It's almost a challenge to see what I'll come up with for the theme needs. I'm not saying I'm the best at it...but goodness I appreciate a themed out event.

15) The first thing I do when arriving to my hotel room is to check out the fire escape plan. Mother made us do this as little tykes and its stuck. I also sleep in the middle of the bed at a hotel, but only on one side at home...why? Cause I make the one at home. I also always travel with a candle for my hotel room.

16) I'm known to travel, appear, and party with cocktail napkins. I bring my own. Share them and receive them from many folks. Started as a joke in college and stuck for many, many years. I'm pretty sure I could have bought a bigger home if it wasn't for this napkin hobby.

Sigh. 16 randoms on ole' me in 2011. Get excited my peeps....this is going to be a GREAT year. I feel it.


Amanda said...

I've been having Kate withdrawals ma'am! I love not only those 16 things about you (some of which I actually did not know, but they made me smile), but love the one million things about lovely Kate. Hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Years, hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I do the fire escape plan as well... count the doors to the exit stairwell. Do you still count the seats on planes as well?

The First Sister