Friday, January 14, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 7: A photo that makes you happy

Circa December 1968.
My parents departing from Christ the King Catholic Church in Chicago.
I am so grateful they met and loved one another so much to bring my sister and I into this crazy world.
Because of them I have known love every day of my life, been warm in the winter and cool in the summers (like a good house), fed (some days too much), and have celebrated life (from one ocean to another).
I love their smiles more than anything in this picture. Could they be any more gorgeous and handsome? Not in my book.


Whitney said...

I love it! Such a sweet photo!
I love your blog! I've just stumbled across it from Kelly's Korner and I think it(and you) are precious!

Helen Wallace said...

Yea Kate...Am happy you are back in the blogging world! HFW

Weekend Cowgirl said...

OMG. Your mom looks so much like you in that photo!

Amanda said...

Ummmm...I've always thought you and your mother looked a lot of like, but HOLY MOLY! Beautiful picture, love your mom's fur coat- she even had great style then!